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The Emissary's Secret

The transport shook violently as it fought against Eden's gravitational pull to escape into the black, lit up only by the stars and the distant sun, Esh.

I was calm, always calm. Even while others held onto their harnesses as if they would protect them from a free fall at this altitude. The others that were more used to interplanetary travel watched me.

I felt it the moment I stepped on board. Possibly even before that. The Corporation were especially vocal with stares and words. Words that meant little, for now. I would nod occasionally, smile back when it was necessary. Even whisper a few words or make an idle gesture.

They are an interesting race. A race built of and for profit. Nothing else truly matters. They are useful to us. We give them drones to work in their mines and space stations, like the one at Alabaster to which this ship was now headed. Alabaster, a gas giant providing more than ninety percent of the entire sectors fuel.

Then there were the Legion. Bred for the sole purpose of destroying us. They were large, heavy and some what dim witted brutes. I wager they could snap my delicate frame like a twig. Not that they would, not on this ship anyway. They were here for their muscle... and their guns. Corporation made a deal with them some time ago and now the Legion have one of the most powerful military forces in the Haven System.

Despite this they still stared. Lust in their eyes. Unnatural desires.

The Kaltoran. I have history. Memories... no, knowledge of them. We destroyed their home world during the Great War and plunged them into the darkness forever. We of course must have failed for they returned to the surface, to the light and leaped back into space.  It is said they can never forget for their ancestors pass on the horrors of the war. And now, half a dozen or more are on this vessel, and they stare at me too. Well, at least the males do. An at least a couple of younger females.

I look out the port window and across to the asteroid belt as it drifts like a muck filled river on its endless course - each hunk of rock trying inevitably to win the race that lasts for eternity.

A flicker, a new face in the reflected glass. I look back and in one corner I see her. The others, seem not to notice or care. Perhaps I am more appealing to them. But she still looks at me, from time to time I catch her eyes. Mysterious. Amber and silver at the same time. My knowledge is lacking on this one. I must know more.

My knowledge. I would normally call it my memories, but it is not truly my own. You see, I am Emissary and I am no more than 12 orbits of Eden old. To the Corporation and all other races in Haven, I am but a single year in age.

I am Nephilium.


Commission for Points
Jinx Brown (commission) by westcpw
Pulpo for WaterFlavor by westcpw
Snowflake by westcpw
3D Rose Compass (Commission) by westcpw
500 points for a single (or maybe two) character / small scene  800 x 800 resolution, single room doing anything you want.

Turn around time is generally 7 days....

Sorry for everyone who cares, but was away and out of computer reach for some time and getting back well, life work etc took priorities.

Hoping to rekindle the passion for my art and start producing again

Thanks for all the comments
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